For the Love of Dance! 

EVERYONE IS WELCOME at our studio- thank-you for choosing DanceSportVA.  Our mission is to introduce people to the world of ballroom dance through the highest quality instruction available by some of the finest instructors.  Dancing is such a great way to meet new friends, keep in shape, escape the pressures of everyday life, and just have fun. 

Ballroom Dancing

Our vision is to create a vibrant and dynamic dance studio offering exciting classes and dance events.  We strive to enhance the personal development of our students; expand the community of dancers; promote dancing and dance events for our students; and most of all, to have fun. We are most proud of our staff of accomplished instructors who come from around the world. Many are current professional competitors themselves.  They know how to make dance fun and easy to learn. 


Thank-you for being part of DanceSportVA!


Our Alcohol Policy

DanceSportVA is a Virginia licensed ABC facility. We take this responsibility very seriously and strictly follow State of Virginia laws regarding the serving and consumption of alcohol.  Please note that patrons are not allowed to bring alcoholic beverages of any kind into the studio.


If you wish to rent our facility and serve alcohol, you will need to acquire an ABC Banquet license for your event and abide by the instructions for operating under this license. Our requirement is in place, regardless of whether Virginia ABC requires the license or not for your event.  We will make this easy for you- our goal is for you to have a fun and safe event.  So please plan early.

We do not sell alcohol; however we do offer complimentary wine or beer at selected events as part of a special package. You see can our wine and beer menus online. Please note that these packages may not be used in conjunction with any other promotional offer. Alcohol may be consumed in the respective ballrooms and is not allowed to be taken out of the studio or consumed in the parking lot. Our ABC managers are posted together with our license at the reception desk.  Please do not hesitate to ask questions or report concerns to the manager on duty.  Thank-you!

Why the name DanceSport?

The name DanceSport was invented to help competitive ballroom dancing gain Olympic recognition. It is now recognized by the International Olympic Committee as a sport and is expected to eventually be included in the Olympic program. DanceSport provides the opportunity for developing athletic discipline of body and mind and as well as artistic creativity through musical interpretation, costume design and choreography

Today the term is often used to describe a high level of International and American style ballroom dancing- weather you are a competitor or not. Many see dancing as being an artistic expression of oneself, and not just a physical sport. If you just want to have fun, then there are the exhibition and social sides of DanceSport as well. 

Management Team

Bob and Maria are themselves students of ballroom dance.  It is this perspective they hope to bring: To develop a truly student focused dance studio.  Like many students we began with the desire to just have fun while improving our social dancing skills. Since then we have enjoyed the performance and competitive aspects of ballroom dance as well.  But the most important thing is the enjoyment of a special social activity we can enjoy together. As owners of DanceSportVA we hope to develop an entertaining and fun venue that introduces this wonderful world of dance in a student first environment.


Martin and Kristina round out the Management team of our studio.  They bring long-term expertise in the ballroom dance industry.  Kristina is one of the first people you will meet when you enter the studio.  Her natural gracious personality will welcome you and her comprehensive knowledge of studio operations will assist you in anything you need to know to get started.  Martin brings enormous industry expertise in teaching, coaching, and adjudicating ballroom dance.  He oversees the dance instruction to insure we bring you the very best ballroom dance instruction available.  

Bob Orsini and Maria Bezubic
Martin Smith and Kristina Schmitt


5721 Arrowhead Drive 

Suite A   

Virginia Beach, VA      



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Temporary Online Lesson Schedule 

Monday - Thursday: 1:00pm - 8:30pm

Sunday: 12:00pm - 5:00pm

No Desk Hours
We hope to open April 23rd.

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