How we have prepared for COVID-19

With the safety of our students, staff and guests being our top priority, we are prepared to follow recommendations provided by the CDC and local health authorities. We are following this outbreak closely and making sure that our staff are kept up-to-date on the current CDC recommendations. Our preparation plan includes our cleaning protocols and education for employees on the CDC recommendations. 

We are still conducting a variety of online services which you can access here. Some of these online offerings are free while others are offered for a fee.  We certainly appreciate your support in purchasing these services and keeping a LOCAL SMALL BUSINESS in operation.  We hope to be back to full operation soon. 

Here at DanceSportVA, we are planning for the full operation of the studio.  We recognize that there will be a new normal in the future and we will have to adjust our business model to some degree.  We are positioning ourselves to do this and you can view our plans below.  Additionally you may have questions about our activities during this pandemic and we offer some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) here.  Be safe, we miss you but we will be together soon.



DanceSportVA will conduct a phased reopening in accordance with Federal/Sate guidelines

We look forward to opening our studio and welcoming our family of students and friends back to our enjoy our common love of dance. However we recognize the need to to this in the safest way possible. DanceSportVA is the largest studio (8,000 square feet) and the only one with three separate ballrooms.  That gives us some flexibility as we conduct our phased reopening.  We are also building our online teaching options for today and the future as there will be a continuing need for this option.  Ultimately though we are a social business.  At some point we will need to have the capacity to safely conduct group and social events.  We are working toward that goal.


Expected May 29

For those students who are in the vulnerable population, or simply do not feel comfortable coming to the studio, we encourage you to take full advantage of our online programs which allow you continue to take lessons right from home.  However, if you wish to come to the studio for lessons we will make special accommodations for your safety.

Within the studio during this phase we will offer private lessons only: No group classes or social events. Private lessons will be limited to  no more than two private lessons in the main ballroom, one in the junior ballroom and one in the club room.  That is the equivalent of one lesson per 1,000 square feet of floor space. We will also stagger start times when scheduling these lessons. Only students will be permitted in the studio (no visitors, family members, etc.) and we ask you to wait until your appointed time to enter the studio so that we can sanitize in between students. Masks will be required during this phase.

In the studio  we have implemented policies, in accordance with Federal, State, and local regulations and guidance, and informed by industry best practices, regarding: Social distancing and protective equipment, temperature checks,  sanitation and disinfection of the studio. These practices continue regardless of phase.


2-4 weeks after Phase I

The studio will add group lessons (limited to 12 students) in addition to private lessons conducted in a separate ballroom.  There will still be no regular social dances or large group events during this phase; However we may hold some small special events with restrictions (will need to be less than 25 people as well)

We will continue our online learning programs, so you can still take private and group lessons right from home if you choose.  We will add practice videos and other resources so  that you can make the most of your lessons.


2-4 weeks after Phase II

We hope to return to the new normal!  All pre-COVID-19 studio activities will resume with the safe practices that DanceSportVA is known for.

However, we will continue our online learning programs, so you can still take private and group lessons right form home if you choose.  We are also planning many other online dance activities.


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