All DanceSportVA staff are fully vaccinated!

Dancing by its nature is a social activity that has always required safe personal hygiene and protective business practices. With the safety of our students, staff and guests being our top priority, we follow the recommendations provided by the CDC and local health authorities. During the current pandemic, that means taking even more precautions for your safety and for the safety of our staff. On this page you will find many options to continue the pastime we all enjoy.  No one knows you better than yourself, so ultimately you need to make the best decisions for yourself.



Here's how we are doing business


Masks are required for non-vaccinated students.  All our staff are fully vaccinated. Of course fully vaccinated students and staff my elect to wear a mask if they choose. Staff are diligent in the cleanliness and disinfecting of the studio.  You will notice signage throughout the studio reminding you of safe practices.  Furniture is spaced to provide for social distancing.

While we do everything we can to maintain the health and safety of our staff and students, it is important for you to do your part as well.  If you are not fully vaccinated you should wear a mask that covers your nose and mouth and is secured below your chin anywhere within the studio.  Wash your hands often and maintain social distancing as much as possible.  Thank-you in advance for helping us to insure the safety of all.


We have changed the way we conduct private and group classes:

  • Private lessons will be limited to  no more than four private lessons in any of the three ballrooms.  With the largest studio in the area, 8,000 square feet, we can insure a greater level of social distancing than other studios. 

  • We also stagger start times to allow for cleaning and to insure there is no congestion at the front desk. 

  • Group lessons are conducted with limited in-studio numbers and social distancing (online classes are conducted simultaneously).  Rotating partners is optional. 

  • Payment may be made in advance online to avoid congestion at the front desk.

  • Staff and students will be required to wash hands before and after each lesson.

  • In the studio  we have implemented policies, in accordance with Federal, State, and local regulations and guidance, and informed by industry best practices, regarding: Social distancing and protective equipment, temperature checks,  sanitation, HVAC filters and disinfection of the studio. 

  • We have also posted informative signs throughout the studio to remind staff and students to follow CDC guidelines.

  • We're minimizing unnecessary touch and personal contact while teaching and dancing.  Want a no-touch in-studio dance lesson? Just ask.


PAUSED FOR JANUARY. When we return We will modify our Friday night dance socials to meet Virginia guidelines and directives. The social will begin with a group class (with the above group class restrictions) and a dance social immediately following. Size of these events will be limited to meet local and State guidelines. Note: Each of these room have their own restrooms, kitchen, and front desk check in.


Please keep in mind that all rentals must abide by both by Virginia State COVID-19 protocols and CDC guidelines.  Also be sure to plan ahead if you wish to obtain a Banquet License from Virginia ABC as the wait time is a little longer than usual due to COVID-19.



Frequently Asked Questions


What about the expiration on Group-on's?

We have arranged with Group-on for purchases to be extended for one year.  These  new expiration dates will be reflected on your Groupon account.  When you are ready we will be happy to schedule your lesson.


I am interested in virtual lessons, what dates/times can I take these lessons?

You can coordinate a day and time directly with your teacher.  You will find that you actually have more flexibility with scheduling virtual lessons.  Contact your teacher here.


Are you still having dance socials?

Yes. However we have modified how we conduct these events.  On Friday night class will start start off with a group class- rotating of partners is optional.  This will be followed by a dance social. Size is limited so we strongly recommend you purchase your tickets in advance as they typically sell out.  This also allows us to avoid congestion at the front desk.  Masks will be worn except vaccinated individuals (Of course vaccinated individuals always have the option of wearing a mask.). There are hand cleaning stations throughout.