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Katja Marc Harris is a champion dancer, senior instructor and coach who teaches all styles of American and International Ballroom and Rhythm dancing.  Originally from Slovenia, Katja brought her talents to the U.S. where in addition to being a much sought after dance teacher, she is an accomplished coach and choreographer.

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More About Katja Marc Harris

Katja is a two-time Slovenian National Dance Champion; Ten dance and Standard. She was a finalist at the prestigious Blackpool Dance Festival, the International Open Championships, the Austrian Open and the Italian Open.  Katja has represented her country at World Championships. Here at DanceSportVA Katja specializes in both International and American styles of dance for students of all ages.

Katja also directs our youth programs.  Katja herself began dance at a very early age and enjoys teaching  and directing both our Home School program and our After School programs.  She is especially talented at developing fun choreography for performance dancing and formation teams. 

Katja holds a bachelor's degree and is skilled in: Training, coaching, instructional methods, classroom management, syllabi, teaching strategy, evaluation & assessment process, childhood education, performance dance and choreography.

Ladies, Katja is also a wonderful coach.  When you are ready to refine your dancing ask your teacher about scheduling a coaching session with Katja!

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“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit”


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