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Our students play the roles of the indigenous people on each the three planets visited by Neptune.  The staff play Neptune's crew. This show will have multiple formations dances, including one with our youth students.

Opening February 28, 2020 

Neptune's Journey

A DanceSportVA Theatrical Performance

Through spirited performances, Neptune’s crew embraces the indigenous people they meet along their journey: 


There is Arcadia, home world of the Arcadians- one of the oldest known species in the universe. Having not yet left their home planet they believe they are the only intelligent species in the universe. 


The planet Borealis is the home world of the Casadia. The Casadia are ruled by a creature known as ‘Rakawanuk’ who originated in another dimension. They are known throughout the galaxy for their spicy cuisine, light hearted spirit and expensive nightclubs. 


Then there is Chrono Fortuna, home world of the Xiites (pronounced ‘ex-ites’). The Xiites are not really one species, but rather a mix of species from around the galaxy that have adopted the Xiite lifestyle where dancing is the preferred method of communication.  

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Our theatrical performances normally sell out weeks in advance.  While we are humbled by the community response, we do want to make sure you get the opportunity to purchase your tickets and attend our performances.  Please stop by our studio or call today!

From our Prequel: 

It is the night of the twin blue moons and the Arcadians have gathered in the sacred Temple of the Stars in preparation for the dal’ru which; means Dance of the Gods.  But the princess Sepheria has little interest in tonight’s pageantry, her thoughts are elsewhere:  It is the secret, forbidden love she holds for her bodguard, Ripley. 

Princess Serphia is destined to one day rule this ancient people.  Her whole life has been focused on this sacred duty.  An affair with a mere commoner like Ripley would shake the Kingdom to its core. But Ripley has his own dreams: To explore the galaxy, to search for the others he believes exist.  It is a foolish dream, because all Arcadians know there is no other intelligent life out there... 

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February 28, 2020 

All spectators enter through the Dance Club

7:00 PM

Desserts & Refreshments

The Dance Club

7:30 PM 

Doors Open

Spectators make their way through the worm hole (Junior Ballroom) to the Main Ballroom

8:00 PM

Showtime in the Main Ballroom

ACT I Planet Arcadia


ACT II Planet Borealis


ACT III Planet Chrono Fortuna 

General Dancing

Recent  Past Performances

Roaring 20's theatrical performance
Dancing Through the Decades showcase


5721 Arrowhead Drive     

Virginia Beach, VA      



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