Neptune's Journey

Feb 2020


Our next theatrical performance is in production right now. This year we have published the student roles, songs and dances.  You will work with your teacher to select your role.   Your character will be defined in the script (costume type, dance(s), lines, and song choices). The characters are completed and you can view them at the buttons on this page. The draft script is now online. We hope to have the final script completed in November, but we will keep you up to date. 

You may perform as Am/Am, Pro/Am, or part of a Formation (or a combination of the three.)

The Couples Formation team will appear on two planets with a short dance during the act (Act I and Act III).  Each of the formation dances will be about a minute, so the total time will be about the same as a normal formation dance. There will also be a Ladies Formation which will appear 3 times during Act II.

We are also having separate rehearsals for each act prior to one final full dress rehearsal for the entire cast.  This will help us focus on a particular act and save you time (you won't have to sit through the entire rehearsal for a few minutes of actual performance).


Act I Planet Arcadia

American and Int'l Smooth Dances

Theme (Color Blue):

Serious pageantry mixed with a humorous conflict over the alien visitors.

Student Characters:

High Priestess; Council Members Zadra, U'Gi, & Entaya, Blue Ch; Seeker of Truth; Ruvalov; Tushan and others.

Act II Planet Borealis

Rhythm & Latin Dances

Theme (Color Red):

Lighthearted fun with a hidden darkness of the mysterious leader of the planet.

Student Characters:

Rakanwanak (ruler), Serena, Mi'a, Pastora, Octava, Bianca, Marisol. Jeremias, Gustavo, Tobias, Cristobal, & Others


Act III Planet Chrono Fortuna

Club & Alternative Dances

Theme (Color Purple):

Humor and fun between alien races.

Student Characters:

Rovnitov (Android Ruler), Sood Plagnoor, Zad, Adair, Vatik, Imhath, Bodu, Gogi et. al.

The Basic Concept

The spaceship Neptune travels to several planets in search of a new home.  The crew members will be played by the staff. The spaceship will be set up in one corner of the studio.  The crew will remain in their same spacesuits throughout.

Each of the three planets are inhabited by beings with differing customs and lifestyles- including their own style of dance. Students will play the various roles of each planets inhabitants. So when you pick your dance, you are picking your planet (or vice versa).  Each planet will have its own costume theme (something that ties all of you to one species).  So if you choose to do multiple dances within one planet (or act) you are set.  However if you choose a style of dance from another planet, you will require a different costume (something to think about). Each planet would have its own rehearsal prior to the final dress rehearsal of the entire cast. So that is another thing to consider if you choose to be in multiple acts. 


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