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Norman Cunningham was born in Cherrypoint, North Carolina in November of 1985. He moved to the Hampton Roads area shortly thereafter where he was raised.
Norman began his pursuit of dance in August of 2003 when he joined the Legion dance team at Thomas Nelson Community College. During the time at the college, he met a group of young men that made up the urban dance crew, Infamous. He joined Infamous and served as an apprentice for almost 2 years.
In 2005, Norman tried his luck as a choreographer when he started the dance crew unorthodoX in his church. He was the leader and head choreographer of the crew for 2 and a half years until the eventual break up of the crew.
In early 2008, he started another crew, Inferno 20:9. Also, in mid 2008, he was introduced to his first opportunity to teach urban hip hop in a studio setting. One of the members of his crew took a temporary job overseas teaching, and Norman was then recruited as the substitute teacher at the studio his comrade left, which was named Margie Williams Studio of Dance. Although he was slated to be only the substitute, his immediate success allowed for him to be the permanent hip hop teacher. Also during that time another teacher left the studio, allowing him room to have complete control of all of the hip hop classes at the studio.
He taught at Margie's for nearly four years. He taught kids as young as 6, and even had some adults older than he in his classes.
During his stent as hip hop teacher, he entered one competition named On Stage in 2011. His routine scored a Diamond rating, the top rating. The judges actually scored the routine only a couple points from perfection. His routine also received the "Rock the House" award, the award for the most entertaining routine in the entire competition. Lastly, his routine was in the running for Best Choreography. The experience with On Stage left him hungry for more.
Also in January 2011 he joined a dance crew in Virginia Beach named Living Legacy. The crew dissolved after only a few months, but he and a few others from Living Legacy formed a crew named the Anonymous Crew. That crew is still intact and Norman is currently a member of that crew.
In early 2012, Norman's growing hunger to be a competition choreographer and conflicting visions with the owner of Margie's forced his departure.
Later in 2012, he joined a studio named Dynamic Movements, a studio which prides itself on exposing its students to competitions and conventions up and down the east coast. He taught recreational hip hop classes as well as created a competitor hip hop piece, which landed second overall at the Encore National Dance Competition.
Although his Krump career began in 2008, it took a sharp decline in 2010. But Krump made its comeback in December 2012 when Norman decided to dedicate his training
outside of hip hop choreography to training in Krump. He joined the Priest Family as Lil Priest, and really took the time to learn the craft and make it his own.
Norman's passion for dance has given him the opportunity to be in a large variety of situations, from battling in the streets to dancing alongside high level hip hop dancers, like tWitch. "Iron sharpens iron, and I just want to share the gift that God has given me with anyone who is willing to learn."



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