Opening February 2021

The Pirates of Port Royal

A DanceSportVA Theatrical Performance

Port Royal was located in what is now Kingston Harbor in Jamaica. It was founded by the Spanish, though natives had been using the spot long before. Spain continued to hold the town until the English invaded it. Fearful the Spanish would return the acting Governor hired buccaneers, known as the Brethren of the Coast, to attack Spanish ships. A fort was built in and the town was never invaded again. The Brethren were given letters of marque and became sanctioned and legal privateers.  In time, however less letters were given out and the privateers either found new work, returned home or became pirates. Captain Morgan, a privateer was recalled to England to answer questions about his conduct.


As our story opens pirates have gained a safe haven and the merchants and shop keepers have become very wealthy off of the pirated loot that was flooding into Port Royal. Captain Morgan has returned as Lieutenant Governor charged with protecting Port Royal. Pirates and privateers are no longer needed for the protection of the town…

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