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Looking for a place to catch the best dance shows?

DanceSportVA is also leading Performing Arts Company that has been dazzling audiences with magical productions since 2016. Whether you’re looking to laugh, cry, or for some good old entertainment, DanceSportVA is the best bet for a nice night out in town. We’ve got something for everyone to enjoy here, including top of the line productions at very reasonable prices. Swing by today and prepare to be entertained!

For those who wish to participate, we are happy to have you give us a call or stop by and talk with us. No dance partner needed, and we take students of all ages.



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Here at DanceSportVA we do two different styles of performance. Our traditional Ballroom dance Showcases feature our students performing variety of dance numbers in one or more of the 32 styles of dance we teach.  Generally each showcase has its own theme.

DanceSportVA also produces its own Broadway style theatrical dance shows. These one of a kind performances are like none other in the Hampton Roads area!

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Next: One Hit Wonders (Feb 2023)

One of our more traditional ballroom showcases.  We Celebrate those one hit wonders through dance.  Students have selected a one hit wonder they would like to represent in dance!

A One hit wonder is a hit song that is really the only song an artist is known for.  Generally the song is more well known than the artist.  

Students may perform with each other (Am/Am) or with their dance instructor (Pro/Am).  Our formation team will also perform.  Tickets will go on sale this fall (great stocking stuffers).


Next Show: Cordially Invited (Sep 2023)

A original DanceSportVA Broadway style theatrical dance show.

His family is prim and proper. Her family is wildly eccentric. The fireworks ensue as these two families are brought together. But there is more to the craziness. Lurking behind all the hullabaloo an alien hunter, an FBI agent, and a Homeland Security agent are all sure aliens are among the guests.

Looking to catch a great piece of entertainment? Our Cordially Invited production is a one of a kind sensation. Pop in and be prepared to catch the performance of a lifetime! The audience will be part of the show: Select your seats for one side of the family and dress accordingly.   We will even throw in a few social dances where you can get on the dance floor.  Tickets will be on sale early in 2023.

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Murder at the Speakeasy 2018
Ghosts of Jerome 2019
Neptune's Journey 2020
Pirate of Port Royal 2021
Listen to the Wind 2022


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