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A Locally Owned, Veteran Owned, Small Business


It's all about Fun!

This is most important thing to know about us.  The owners are students themselves and they do this for the love of dance. We want to share that experience with our students and friends. So, yes, we are the largest and most diverse studio in Hampton Roads, and yes, we have many unique features you will only find at DanceSportVA- but remember, this is where the fun people go.  Now, about all those other qualities- we have them too, so just read on...


Top Quality Staff

We employ motivated ballroom dance instructors from around the world who know how to make dancing fun. Our instructors share our customer first service vision and they make for a happy team. We have some of the top talent at DanceSportVA. Our instructors are excited to teach you the skills to be a wonderful social dancer.  If you would like to take it further we can teach you competitive dance, performance dance, and dance technique.  Our instructors teach about 36 different dance styles each in Bronze, Silver, and Gold levels.  For those who choose to take a private lessons package, remember your package is with the studio, not a single teacher- so you can mix it up and take lessons from all our teaching staff.  There is a great advantage in multiple perspectives, so enjoy all our talented instructors.


Unique Dance Performance Opportunities

Dance Performances are a fun way to advance your dancing skills.  In our showcases you can dance Pro/Am with your instructor; Am/Am with a student dance partner, or as part of a formation dance team.  We offer two different styles of Dance Performances: Showcase and Theatrical. Showcase performances are more of the traditional style showcase you will find at other studios in the area.  These performances will have an overall theme but otherwise the student may tailor their performance quite a bit. The theatrical performance offers a chance for a little acting with your dance as we bring a story alive through dance. These broadway style shows are unique to DanceSportVA in the Hampton Roads. Just like to watch? Check out our upcoming dance performances.  Click the link below to be taken to our special website focused on Performance Dance.


First Class Competition Opportunities (VBDC)

For those who have the drive to compete, we offer a variety of ballroom dance competition opportunities across the region.  You may compete with your instructor (Pro/Am) or with your dance partner (Am/Am). Competitions give you that 'mark on the wall' to drive you toward your dancing goals.  Unique to DanceSportVA we also host our own annual competition, the Virginia Beach Dance Challenge (VBDC), right here at the studio. With nearly 1,000 entries it is also the largest ballroom dance competition in the area. Click the button below to be taken to our VBDC website.


The Region's Top Dance Venue

Our  studio is the largest ballroom dance venue in Hampton Roads with a 3,000 square foot Main Ballroom, a 1,200 square foot Junior Ballroom, and a 2,000 square foot dance club, all with raised sprung floors.  With a licensed capacity of 350 we also have the largest studio overall. The studio has been recently remodeled throughout with new tables and comfortable cushioned chairs, new state of the art lighting, sound system and DJ booth, remodeled bathrooms and kitchens, new HVAC system, and much more.  Visit Virginia Beach Dance Club!,  This brings something new to Hampton roads- specialty dance programs that are part of a national trend toward more club style partner dancing- somewhere between traditional ballroom and nightclub dancing in a club style setting.  If you like the feel of a nightclub, but without some of the security issues that clubs whose focus is on alcohol consumption, then you will love 
the Dance Club. The focus is on dancing and social interaction.


A Variety of Exciting Dance Events

We offer the area’s most popular Every Friday Social Dance. One of our instructors start off the social with a 30-minute dance class.  Then students dance the night away to the music presented by one of our rotating DJs.  We are the only studio that offers dances in multiple ballrooms simultaneously.  Further we provide several dance hosts so there is no need for the ladies to sit out dances.  DanceSportVA dances always have refreshments, door prizes and lots of fun.  We hold specialty dances on selected Saturdays to include: Argentine Tango, Club Dancing, West Coast Swing, and country/ballroom dances and more.


Central Location

The city of Virginia Beach is a vacation destination spot and a  wonderful place to live. For those who live nearby, DanceSportVA is centrally located in Hampton Roads area with easy access to I-264 and I-64 (Newtown Road Exit).  The studio is also located within one block of the HRT (Newtown Road Station). So whether you are visiting our area or you are one of the lucky ones to live here, stop by and see what DanceSportVA is all about.


The Dance Family

Bob and Maria are themselves students of ballroom dance.  It is this perspective they bring to develop a truly student focused dance studio.  Like many students they began with the desire to just have fun while improving their social dancing skills. Martin and Kristina round out the management team of our studio.  They bring long-term expertise in the ballroom dance industry.  Kristina is one of the first people you will meet when you enter the studio.  Her natural gracious personality will welcome you and her comprehensive knowledge of studio operations will assist you in anything you need to know to get started.  Martin brings enormous industry expertise in teaching, coaching, and adjudicating ballroom dance.  Together this team is committed to developing an entertaining and fun venue that introduces this wonderful world of dance in a student first environment.


A Few Words About our Competition

Virginia Beach is an exciting place to work and live and you have many options for your dancing pleasure. Dancing is a social activity and we like to believe DanceSportVA is where the fun people come to dance.  Our students make that happen at social dances, group classes and workshops-check out our student ratings!  We respect our competition and know there are great teachers and studio owners out there.  We will never talk poorly about them or be antagonistic toward them.  We believe if you have to knock someone down to build yourself up, you are not very confident in your business. However we passionately believe in ourselves and the services we provide.  We hope to earn the chance to demonstrate why you should choose our studio over our competitors and to continue to earn your trust every day- we know you have options. So please give a locally owned, veteran owned, small business a try!

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