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Sara has been a part of the dance community in Hampton Roads since 2008. She spent over a decade focusing on the mechanics of leading and following, specifically in social dancing. She has participated in both ballroom and West Coast Swing competitions. She specializes in social dancing for ballroom, latin/rhythm, country two-step, west coast swing, and more.

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More About Sara Austin

Sara was raised predominantly on the East Coast in a variety of states before settling in the Hampton Roads area. She began dancing in 2008 through a college dance class. She quickly developed a passion for partner dancing and began to take classes and participate in as many opportunities as possible across several genres of dance including lindy hop, country two step, west coast swing, in addition to the ballroom styles (both American and International). 
Sara is passionate about helping people learn and enjoy dancing. She strives to help new dancers learn to connect with their partners and understand how the patterns can connect in a social setting. She works with couples, new dancers, and those looking to improve their social dancing skills.

Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.”

Theodore Roosevelt

Sara Austin, Ballroom Dance Instructor
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